Erica Lyons

Cultural Heritage Tourism and a Minority’s Perspective

Though little known to many, cultural heritage tourism plays an important role in helping preserve historical treasures and memory. And this can be especially true for minorities. The example of the Jewish communities of the Far East exemplifies the vital importance of tourism to historic communities of the past and rapidly dwindling contemporary communities.

About Erica

Erica is the founder and managing editor of Asian Jewish Life, a quarterly journal celebrating the diversity of Jewish life in Asia and of Asian Jewry. (Yes, there are really Jews in Asia).
She also writes a column for New York’s The Jewish Press, and is a freelance writer for various publications often writing about Jewish Asia.
Erica is on the Management Council for Hong Kong’s Ohel Synagogue, on the board of the Jewish Historical Society of Hong Kong and on Australia’s Capital Jewish Forum’s Board of Advisors.
She was a Steinberg-Glass Fellow with the Anti-Defamation League and a participant in The Schusterman Foundation’s ROI Summit 2011 for Young Jewish Innovators.
She holds a degree in English Literature, with a minor in Judaic Studies, from SUNY Albany’s Honors Program and a law degree from Georgetown University. She has called Hong Kong home since 2002. On Twitter: @AsianJewishLife

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