Carlos Celdran

Every City Has a Soul

Carlos is a man who’s trying to change the way people view Manila – one step at a time. He believes every city has a soul and every city has its story. This is a look into the story of the city of Manila, and what he believes it takes to transform a city’s story into one that speaks to the hearts and interests of others.

About Carlos

According to Carlos, he’s just a regular fellow trying to change the way you see the city of Manila. His audience is not just composed of the normal foreign tourists or odd expatriate, but also Manileños who have to be weaned into the idea of enjoying their own city from the street up. Celdran pulls all the stops out, turning into a complete performance artist during his tours – in Intramuros he wears Spanish colonial garb or even 70s bell bottoms when he does his Imeldific CCP tour. His performances become a tour de force. In addition to being a Manila tourguide for his company, Walk This Way, he’s cultural activist and performing artist. In 2002 he founded, “Walk this Way,” providing dynamic “performance” tours of Manila. On Twitter: @carlosceldran

This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED. Organized by Craft House and Celebrating Life

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