Andrea Oschetti

The Beauty of Bespoke Travel

Get off the beaten track. Put away the tour books and do away with tour guides who decide what you should see and do when in reality, the things they recommend often have little meaning to you. Instead, think about how to design and customize your own travels to experience the things you’re truly curious about. The possibilities are endless, and bespoke travel has the unique ability to transform travels from tickboxes to life enhancing opportunities. With us, Andrea will share anecdotes on the approaches and tools he uses to design his travels and some of his most recent life changing experiences.

About Andrea

Leaving the corporate world several years ago to follow his passions, Andrea re-invented himself as a private chef, a photographer and an explorer ( Last summer, lured by the exoticism, history, landscape and cultural diversity of Central Asia, he embarked on a 3,000km cycling adventure along the Silk Road where traveling unsupported began a spiritual as well as physical journey, addressing questions of identity and the pursuit of happiness. Months later he was on the road again, this time in the Jordan desert, running six marathons in six days retracing the footstep of Lawrence of Arabia.

This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED. Organized by Craft House and Celebrating Life

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